The Full Story:

Why and how Little Builders came to be

"We were full-time working moms who needed Christian childcare in our community. We thought that if we were in need of high quality care, that other families were also probably in need as well." -- Sister co-owners

With their educational background, mom's intuition, and entrepreneurial spirit, Little Builders was born!


July 16, 2010 was a memorable day for sister-owners Jessica B. and Christina S., as that was not only the day that Little Builders Learning Center opened it's doors, but also the day that Jessica's youngest son, Brooks, was born. The impeccable timing of Little Builders opening on the same day as Brooks was born, reinforced that opening an early childhood facility was just as God intended! 


Our Mission

Little Builders Learning Center aims to provide the highest level of care and education for your child in a warm, nurturing, and safe environment. By creating a feeling of acceptance and sense of belonging, this enables each child to feel safe and secure in order to learn and grow to their fullest potential! 

Little Builders provides opportunities for both learning and play-based activities. By using age appropriate, hands on activities, our approach respects children for the individuals that they are, and recognizes that each child develops at his or her own rate.

"Building" a love for learning

At Little Builders we want every child to be encouraged to learn to their full potential. Some of the ways that we help young children "build" a love for learning include:

  • Helping children discover interests/passions

  • Providing hands on experiences

  • Making learning fun

  • Finding children's learning style(s)

  • Being supportive and encouraging

  • Creating a classroom community of learners

  • Staff modeling our willingness and excitement to learn