Why Little Builders?

We know that choosing Child Care/ an Early Educational Learning Center is hard. At Little Builders, the majority of our staff are Mom's, so we get it!  You know the saying: "It takes a village?" Well at Little Builders we truly believe that! What sets us apart from others is that we strive to get to know every child and their family so that all of our staff can become an extension of your own family! When this happens we all share in a united front that helps your child(ren) grow, learn, and develop in a safe and nurturing environment! 

Our staff are SO much more than "just teachers" to the children within our care. We are advocates, mentors, role models, cheerleaders, nurses, peace keepers, etc! 


Parent Resource Documents


Enrollment Request:

Please click the link below to access our registration enrollment form. Our form will ask for information about your child(ren) and methods in which we may contact you to discuss if/when we will have vacancies. Our enrollment is done on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the order in which enrollment requests are submitted.

Please note that if you do not fill out all of the required information and/or do not pay the enrollment request/waitlist transaction fee ($21) you child(ren) will not be added to our enrollment roster/waitlist. We no longer accept enrollment/waitlist inquiries by email.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! 



Parent/Families Day!

**Next Parent/Family Day is tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 9th!


Stay tuned for additional updates!