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Infants: 6 weeks - 12 months

Providing a rich learning environment for your infant.


If you have been looking for childcare in Maryland for your infant, Little Builders is the daycare center for you!


 Each day at Highland Playschool is a new adventure for our infants, with exploration and multi-sensory activities to help infants develop at their own pace.  Your infant’s natural curiosity of the world around us and their desire to explore is encouraged by our nurturing, educated and experienced caregivers.  


Our infant care program provides a safe and

loving environment that is bright, colorful and clean.  When you enter our Infant rooms, you will see that the caregivers are not simply caring for these babies, but nurturing and leading them to their next discovery.


Our Infant caregivers support development through:


  • Singing Songs

  • Reading Stories

  • Playing Games

  • Planning Special Activities, both indoors and out

  • Most of all, our caregivers spend most of their day cuddling and talking to the babies; instilling trust, security and comfort. 


At Highland, you can be certain your child is receiving all the attention he or she deserves.  With a ratio of 1 caregiver to 3 infants, your child will have constant attention and quick responses to all of his or her daily needs.  We are not just a child care center; we are a center for learning, allowing the whole child to develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and happily in a stimulating environment.  To learn more about our infant program, contact us. 

Toddlers: 12 months- 24 months
Encouraging toddlers to discover the world around them.

For toddlers, Highland provides a safe and stimulating environment to encourage children to embrace "toddler-hood".  


When children advance into the toddler room, they are ready to express their emerging independence and we help them to discover the world around them with activities, including:

  • Captivating Circle Time

  • Stimulating Sensory Opportunities

  • Physical Play Activities

Other milestones, such as self-feeding, early language and socialization skills, are encouraged and supported by our exceptional teachers, who have been trained in child development.  A large part of our daycare curriculum is language development and we are amazed by the increase in new words and phrases that are used by our toddlers.  Our center is designed to meet the developmental needs of children and we are happy to introduce the potty in a fun and positive way.  Your toddler’s day includes outdoor play, when weather permits, in our fully-secure playground.   To grown with us, fill out our form by clicking here.


Early Learners: 2 year olds

A program designed for learning and fun.

Our Early Learners program is for children age two and three, who are maturing socially, cognitively and emotionally and are ready to say ‘goodbye’ to the toddler stage. At Highland Playschool, our caregivers encourage children to explore their environment in order to develop self-help and cooperation skills, as well as the ability to share. We work with parents and families to potty train your child(ren), making this a positive milestone as they transition out of diapers.  


Early Learners engage in activities such as:

  • Circle Time

  • Language Arts

  • Music

  • Art

  • Family Living

At this age, the children are introduced to a science center, a dramatic play center and greater choices of art materials for artistic exploration. Our center is designed to challenge a variety of developmental milestones and our Early Learners engage in a balance of quiet activities, including arts and crafts projects, puzzles and story time.  We also include a variety of fun and exciting activities including music and movement, including running, jumping and climbing.  These activities ensure that your tireless Early Learner will never get bored!  
Your child's day includes outdoor play in our fully-secure playground, as well; weather permitting.  And because we know that healthy foods build healthy children, we provide breakfast and an afternoon snack that are in accordance with state guidelines. We also include milk for your child at lunchtime.  Contact us today to learn more about our Early Learners program. 

Preschool: 3 year olds

Supporting your preschooler's creativity and independence.


At Highland Playschool, our Preschool program promotes a balance of positive learning and play for three year old's because we understand that children learn best through play.  Our classrooms are a stimulating environment where children experience a variety of themed activities as they become great explorers of their classroom and the world around them.  We are a childcare center that believes in allowing children to develop at their own individual pace and we are supportive of all styles of learning.


Our Preschoolers are playing and working to learn:


  • Language

  • Social Skills

  • Pre-math Concepts

  • Pre-reading Concepts

  • Concepts about the Physical World



Our experienced and dedicated teachers are educated in child development.  They help create a childcare environment where your children are continuously nurtured with positive words and hugs as they provide a well-rounded program to strengthen social, cognitive and motor skills, as well as support your child’s creativity and independence.  


Weather permitting, your child’s day includes outdoor play in our fully-secure playground.  Plus, we provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack        as well as milk for your child at lunchtime.  Contact us to learn more.


Pre-K: 4 year olds


Preparing your child for their next adventure into higher education.


The goal of our Pre-K program is to prepare our 4 year olds for the expectations of the academically accelerated Kindergarten programs of our society.  Our play-based curriculum incorporates all the required kindergarten readiness skills but also gradually introduces organizational and behavioral expectations too.


Our PreK program focuses on:


  • Extending language and vocabulary

  • Developing fine and gross motor skills

  • Fostering critical thinking

  • Encouraging positive social interactions

  • Nurturing creativity and curiosity


Our Pre-K program teachers use a theme based curriculum when planning their lessons (sensory, language, creative arts, computer, small motor, blocks, listening and dramatic play).  During lessons the children have opportunities for both directed and free time.  Every day includes time on our playground to exercise and further develop large motor skills.  We are also very committed to communication through the use of our cubby and take home folder systems.


Highland Playschool is an exciting and safe place where children meet many new friends and gain confidence as they explore, discover, create and imagine, all in a stimulating academic environment.  We invite you and your family to experience all that Little Builders has to offer.  To learn more about Highland's PreK program or to see our facility,  contact us.

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