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We believe that the best type of marketing comes from "word of mouth." We pride ourselves in upholding a high standard of care and early childhood experiences so that every child and family wants to refer our services!

See what our families are saying...

"I definitely recommend Little Builders! It is such a caring and friendly environment where both my children thrive. Wonderful teachers who are very responsive and flexible; great curriculum throughout the year and a fun summer program! My older daughter went to the Pre-K program and was completely prepared for Kindergarten! My younger daughter did great in the "Preschool" room and is now moving into the Pre-K classroom. I'm really excited to see all of her social, emotional, and academic development over the next year! 

                                                                       - Elizabeth H.

"We have had a phenomenal experience at Little Builders!  The owners and the entire staff have been warm and responsive to our daughter's needs.  Her strong cognitive development has been due, in large, to the instruction and environment Little Builders has provided.  We highly recommend them!"

- Stephen G.

"WHAT A GREAT DAYCARE!  The staff at Little Builders are all so friendly and professional.  The center has several examples of student work posted, as well as pictures of their latest adventures; with all of the pictures and welcoming staff, you truly get a warm and friendly feeling when you walk in their door.  My son is excited, everyday, to tell me how his day went at school.  We really couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing!  Our family loves Little Builders and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality childcare with a caring, loving, and friendly staff!"

- Litisha J.

"We have two children enrolled at Little Builders.  They provide excellent, trusting care as both of our girls entered daycare at three months of age.  Each classroom has structure and a personal touch that is comforting.  As a working family, one of the most amazing gifts we received in the first few years of our children's lives was a book of pictures chronicling the day-to-day activities and growth of our children.  The effort and sentiment is priceless.  The curriculum and theme-related activities have kept our girls engaged while the Parent/Teacher conferences have always had our children's progress in mind.  My husband and I can't say enough about the Director of the program and the staff.  We are entering our fourth year at Little Builders and appreciate the attention to detail in the classrooms, commitment to hiring competent staff, building fun activities for the kids, providing age appropriate curriculum and overall care."

- Tracy F.

We've had a great experience overall with Little Builders over 1.5 years. I think one of their strongest assets is their current Director, Cara. She really cares about each child and does her best to make sure that their needs are met. She has been very understanding and flexible with our family. The center has a good daily structure and they've done a lot of activities / field trips that my kids have loved.

- Kasey E.

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